Report a Claim

What To Do

Please contact our office

Lancaster: 1-613-347-7600    Cornwall: 1-613-933-1284

Click Here to Report a Claim by Email

  • If we are closed call our 24hr emergency claims service: (P) 1-800-722-9556   (F) 1-800-722-7896
  • Or find them online: Email:    Website:


As part of our value added services, Rozon Insurance Brokers Ltd offers 24 hour emergency service; 7 days a week.

At Rozon Insurance Brokers Ltd we understand how unsettling a claims situation can be. We are here to make your claim process as smooth as possible. Alongside your broker, we have a dedicated in-house claims specialist, Margo Poirier, who can help guide you through the process.

Losses reported to your insurer (Insurance Company) stay on your history whether a claim is paid out or not. We can help by  reviewing coverage before a loss is reported to the Insurer. Your file will also be reviewed for previous claims to determine if the reporting of an additional claim will have any effect on your policy (raise in deductible or possible non-renewal).


How to Report a Claim after hours:

In the event of an after business hours claim, you may choose to do one of the following:

  • Most insurance companies offer 24 hours claims assistance, you should first attempt to contact your insurance company directly using the contact information as displayed below
  • Alternate action would be to use our 24 hour emergency claims service by contacting PCA Adjusters Inc. (P) 1-800-722-9556 (F) 1-800-722-7896
  • Email: Website:
  • Also, we would ask that you contact your broker @ Rozon Insurance Brokers Ltd upon the next business day regarding the claim reported directly to the insurance company and not through our office. You may also advise our office of claims information via our email claims form.

Recommended Reporting Procedures:

  • Contact authorities as soon as possible after a loss (police, fire, ministry of transport, ministry of environment, etc)
  • Immediately report all claims to Rozon Insurance Brokers Ltd or directly to Insurance Company if outside regular business hours
  • Report any possible injuries
  • Gather witness information if any (name, phone number, etc)
  • Make no statements following the accident

When notifying, we will require:

  • Your personal information
  • Your policy number (for auto policy, please refer to “pink” liability slip)
  • The date, time and description of the loss (fire, theft, accident, etc)
  • Details of any police or emergency authorities involved
  • Details of any third party

Insurance Companies Claims Contact Numbers:

  • AVIVA: 866-692-8482
  • Dominion of Canada Insurance Company: 800-661-5522
  • Economical Insurance Group: 800-607-2424
  • Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group: 613-525-2557, 800-263-7684, 613-930-9615
  • Gore Mutual Insurance: 800-265-8600
  • Grenville Mutual Insurance: 800-267-4400
  • Intact Insurance: 866-464-2424
  • Optimum Frontier: 877-806-8023
  • Perth Insurance: 800-607-2424
  • Western General: 800-607-2424