Posted here are questions frequently asked by our clients. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please feel free to contact us.

What is an independent insurance broker?

An independent insurance broker works for you. An independent broker represents you and does business with many insurance companies compared to an agent who represents only one insurer. An independent broker is able to offer a wide range of services and products from many insurance companies to make sure your insurance needs are met precisely at the most competitive price. We provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your broker is acting on your behalf.

Do I always have to pay a deductible?

A deductible is the self-insured portion of your insurance contract.In the event of a claim, you are responsible for that dollar amount.

On property policies, the deductible usually always applies to direct damage losses. There is no deductible on the liability portion of your policy.

On an automobile insurance policy a deductible may be waived for certain non-accident losses such as theft of the entire vehicle and fire an in certain accident situations where the other driver is totally at fault.

What kinds of things could happen that aren't going to be covered by my property insurance, unless I make special arrangements?

If you live in an earthquake zone you might want to consider buying earthquake coverage. If you are concerned about water damage from a blocked drain, you might want coverage for backup of water from a sewer or sump pump. If you have a home business, you will need special coverage for that. Ask your broker about other kinds of damage for which you may want to purchase additional insurance.

Who is covered by my auto policy?

Any licensed driver operating your vehicle with your permission is covered. However, all licensed drivers in your household must be declared, as must anyone who regularly drives your vehicle.

Remember – your insurance goes with your car, so if you lend your car, you also lend your insurance. If the person using your car causes an accident, it will go on your insurance record and your premium may increase as a result.

Also remember that the driver of your vehicle must be “authorized by law” to operate it. If that person does not have a drivers licence or the proper class of licence your insurance may not apply. Coverage on your vehicle may also not apply if the driver commits a “policy violation” such as driving while impaired or if the operator is convicted of a Criminal Code offense.

Please make yourself aware of the limitations and exclusions of your auto policy.

I just bought an expensive racing bike. Is it covered on my property insurance?

Make yourself aware of the limitations applicable to specific items on your policy.

Due to the increase in values of bicycles and the resulting rise of the number of thefts, most property insurance policies limit the dollar amount you will get if your bike is stolen or destroyed by an insured peril. It can be as low as $200.00. You can specifically insure most items that are limited by purchasing additional coverage. The cost is very reasonable.

If my car is hit while parked and the other driver leaves the scene will my insurance go up?

Hit and run situations are unfortunately common. The person who damages your car doesn’t take the responsibility for their actions, leaving you in the lurch.

If your vehicle is involved in this situation, notify the police immediately. If the authorities are notified within 24 hours of the occurance any claim you submit to your insurer will not affect your rating.

Note that your insurer can only respond if you carry Collision coverage on the vehicle and that your deductible will apply.