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Protect yourself and your vehicle from unexpected costs.

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Whether yours is a large or small commercial farm or a hobby farm, you need to think about how to protect it.

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Your cottage and your recreational vehicles should be stress-free. Let’s keep it that way.

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We offer specialized coverage packages customized to your operation.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

We can offer various protection options for a variety of recreational vehicles.

Why Rozon Insurance?

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and it’s guaranteed. With a specialized team of more than 40 professionals on your side and a 96% customer satisfaction rate in post-claim surveys, you’re sure to get the local service you deserve. As a leading provider of insurance products in Eastern Ontario, we also have access to some of the largest and most trusted insurance carriers in the market.

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Our Experts are waiting for you

We also know how confusing a claim can be, that is why we have a dedicated in-house claims specialist to help you through the entire process. With a highly-skilled team of more than 40 professionals, we are on your side to help you through the entire process. Our broker team will take the time required to understand your assets, assess your needs, & recommend coverage to protect what matters most to you.

Rozon Blog

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Covid-19 Update

To Our Valued Clients: Rozon Insurance will be respecting the Provincial Directives issued effective January 14, 2021. In this regard, our Cornwall and Lancaster offices

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A close up of a tire making a tread in heavy snow.

Winter Tire 101

It’s no secret that getting from point A to point B in the middle of a Canadian blizzard can be tough, to say the least. Thankfully, there’s one simple step you can take towards a smoother, safer — and even cheaper — winter drive: installing a set of quality winter tires.

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Does your business need cyber risk coverage?

Most business owners know about general liability coverage and property coverage. Both are part of a standard business insurance policy. But every policy has a specific purpose. Each policy insures against a defined set of risks. In today’s market, cyber risks…

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