6 Steps to Shield Your Car from Theft

In Canada, the rise in car thefts is a pressing issue, with the annual cost exceeding $1 billion. While high-end vehicles in Ontario and Quebec and older trucks in Alberta are common targets, any car can be at risk, especially in regions near the US border or cargo ports. To enhance your car’s security and potentially reduce insurance premiums, consider these six proactive measures:

  1. Always Lock Up: Ensure your car is locked at all times, and all windows are fully closed. An unlocked car is an open invitation to thieves.
  2. Stow Away Valuables: Keep any valuables out of sight, preferably in the trunk or glove box. Visible items can tempt potential thieves.
  3. Smart Parking Choices: Choose well-lit, highly visible parking spots, ideally near building entrances or under the watchful eye of a security camera. Visibility is a strong deterrent to theft.
  4. Key Security: Protect your car keys by storing them away from your front door, especially wireless key fobs. Thieves can amplify the fob’s signal to unlock and start cars remotely. Keeping keys at a distance weakens the signal.
  5. Physical Anti-Theft Devices: Consider installing physical deterrents like steering-wheel locks. These devices are not only effective in preventing theft but also visible signs to discourage potential thieves.
  6. Alarm Systems: Utilize your car’s built-in alarm system. If your vehicle doesn’t have one, think about installing an aftermarket alarm system for added security.

By implementing these strategies, you not only make your vehicle a less attractive target for thieves but also stand a chance to benefit from reduced insurance premiums. Many insurers offer discounts for cars equipped with anti-theft devices, so be sure to inform your insurance broker about any security upgrades to your vehicle.

Remember, taking these steps can significantly lower the likelihood of your car being stolen and provide peace of mind. Stay vigilant and keep your vehicle secure!