6 Home Improvements for Insurance Savings

Considering renovations to your home this year? Opt for changes that not only enhance your living space but also lead to savings on your home insurance. Here are seven innovative ideas to consider:

  1. Water Damage Prevention: Pondering the addition of a sump pump or a backwater valve? It’s a wise choice. These installations can significantly reduce the chances of water-related damages, leading to potential discounts on your insurance.
  2. Heating System Upgrade: Transitioning from an oil furnace or a wood/pellet stove to an electric or gas furnace can decrease fire risks. This switch can also positively impact your insurance rates.
  3. Electrical System Overhaul: If your home has knob-and-tube, aluminum, or a 60-amp electrical system, it’s time for an upgrade. Modern systems with materials like copper and a capacity of at least 100 amps are safer and can lead to insurance savings.
  4. Plumbing Upgrade: Swap out old galvanized or lead pipes for copper or plastic ones. This can mitigate risks of water damage from rust and corrosion, potentially leading to insurance discounts.
  5. Roof Replacement: A newer roof is more resilient to weather events and less prone to leaks. If your roof is showing signs of wear, think about replacing it. Some materials, like concrete or slate tile, might even qualify you for insurance discounts.
  6. Enhanced Security and Smart Home Features: Modern security systems can offer more than just protection against intruders; they can also lead to insurance discounts. Additionally, investing in smart home technologies, such as intelligent smoke detectors and water sensors, can further reduce your premiums.

Did You Know? Smart home technologies, like intelligent smoke detectors and water sensors, can lead to significant savings on your home insurance!

When planning any home improvement, always engage with professionals to ensure the best materials are used and all safety standards are met. Before starting any work, consult with your insurance broker to understand how these changes might affect your premiums or coverage.

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