On top of investing in a pre-winter vehicle inspection, it’s important to make time for cold-season car care. To prolong your vehicle’s lifespan and ensure safe driving, make sure you perform the following tasks.


  1. Wash your vehicle regularly

To remove calcium, prevent corrosion and avoid premature wear and tear, clean your car often.


  1. Use the defrost function

If you remove ice from windshield wiper blades with an ice scraper, it can damage the rubber. Also, you should never pour hot water on your wipers because it may crack your windshield. Instead, use your car’s defrost function to melt ice gradually.


  1. Allow the engine to warm up

To prevent wear and tear on your engine’s moving parts in winter, warm up the oil and other lubricants before driving.


  1. Check the tire pressure

Cold temperatures can cause tire pressure to drop, and driving on underinflated tires is a safety hazard. To prevent accidents, keep your tires inflated.


  1. Top up your fuel tank

To prevent condensation from forming on the inside of your gas tank when it’s cold out, you should keep it relatively full. If moisture makes its way into the fuel lines, you may have trouble starting your car.


  1. Check the washer fluid

Using your windshield wipers without washer fluid can wear out the rubber or scratch your windshield. Always keep washer fluid levels high, and keep a spare jug of it in your trunk.


  1. Keep your wipers down

Lifting your wiper blades off your windshield when your car is parked has more drawbacks than benefits. Over time, it can damage the springs in the wiper arms and make them less effective.


If you’re concerned about the condition of your vehicle, make an appointment with your local mechanic.