Safe stairs for winter: 3 non-slip options

To keep you and your visitors safe during the winter months, here are three materials that make exterior stairs less slippery.


Black tread covers made of recycled rubber are remarkably resistant to shocks, inclement weather, humidity, ultraviolet rays, oil and mildew. They are easy to install, maintain and store. They can, however, be quite heavy.


Available in an array of colours and patterns, polypropylene fibre can be bought in mats or rolls. While this product can stand up to heavy traffic, it should be treated against UV rays. To prevent seepage, it has waterproof backing made of vinyl or rubber, which increases its durability.


This material, made of coconut fibre, typically comes in a natural ecru colour. It can give your exterior a unique look and works best on wood and concrete surfaces. The downside? Coir tends to retain water and dust. In addition, if not installed well, it may become loose over time.

To learn which materials will work best on your stairs, visit the flooring experts in your area.