Should You Get a Dash Cam


Dash cams, or dashboard cameras, are becoming increasingly popular among drivers. Before you purchase one for your­self, however, here’s an overview of what you should know about these devices.


Dash cams can provide evidence if you’re ever in an accident. Since they record what goes on in front of your vehicle, they’ll capture any collision that occurs and allow you to determine what hap­pened and who’s at fault.

Additionally, dash cams encourage motorists to make better driving decisions. And if you have a clean driving record, it can help minimize your car insurance premiums.

Lastly, these devices can be used to re­port reckless and dangerous drivers, which can help prevent future road accidents.



Dash cams sync to your car’s ignition and automatically start recording when your vehicle is running. However, some can also be activated when your car is parked if they detect motion or an impact. This can be useful if there’s a theft, vandalism or a hit and run. In addition, some models include night vision, Wi-Fi and integrated GPS systems that can track your vehicle’s speed and location.

It’s possible to purchase a basic dash cam for as little as $60, or splurge on a model with all the bells and whistles for up to $600.

The biggest drawback of dash cams is that they can be a distraction if not used properly. Remember to remain alert when you drive, and keep your eyes focused on the road.